Clash Royale Game Review:

Basically what you do in real time game like Clash Royale can’t be planned, and you have to take decisions and counter attack instantly. You have no time to create plans and strategies. Here is a scenario in Clash Royale where a player is facing attack from others. We can use pay to win and we’re going to drop the giant here and try to try to push this guy back. We don’t want to mess with him, as he’s really pushing me. I mean it’s not good; we really got to push now else we will lose the game, let’s go get another double wrap.

It’s just 35 seconds left right now and we’re tied, it looks like it’s going to be an overtime situation and I’m not doing good right now because of the goblins here, they are so overpowered. I hate this guy, the game is about to go into overtime and we got ten seconds left. Stay with me and I’ll show you how the treasure chest works. It is really hard to play and I am stressed out right now. He got my King in overtime and won, he got me, he won he won, and I lost. He is inclined pay to win which is alright, to win he collected bunch of powerful cards and which I don’t have and it sucks. The best way to win a game is to keep using diamonds, this will help us to get powerful cards but diamonds are limit, so use this clash royale diamond trick and enjoy unlimited diamonds.

clash royale hack

Let me show you guys how it works when you win, after you win a game you get a free chest, it will open right now, this is what normally would happen. If you get gold cards you can use them to level up. The more you win more cards and chest you get, sometime rare chests take a lot of time to unlock, like 8,16,24,32 hours which is a lot of time and I hate Supercell for it. You can’t just wait so long for a chest to open when it’s a real time game. It limits your attack and game progress which is something you don’t want.  You can also join clans, right now I am in clownfish clan. It’s not much different from Clash of clans in how thing works and you will get almost some environment with different theme. For the beginners it may take some time but ultimately you will love Clash Royale, its super addictive.

Hay day is one other game from Supercell which got millions of downloads in google play store. Its not a action game but farming, you need to grow a full farm based economy and fulfill the orders from city. The more you fulfill the higher level you unlock. The game consists of so many components that most of the times you will forget something or other and thereby falling short of one or two product to fulfill a city order. The walk around to this is simply use these hay day cheats and unlock everything you are stuck at. Dont abuse these cheats cuz the more you use cheats the boring the game become.

If you are a Boom Beach fan, watch this video on Boom Beach war factory:


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